Our Team

We understand how important it is to spend time with every patient, ensuring that all of their questions and concerns have been addressed. That’s why Dr. Martin has surrounded himself with highly-trained dental professionals – his goal is to make sure every patient is treated like family.

We strive to provide our patients with the highest quality of treatment in a relaxed, comfortable environment. At Dr. Martin Braces, we are dedicated to our patients.

Amy Wallace
Amy WallaceReceptionist
Nicole Robichaud-Haché
Nicole Robichaud-HachéReceptionist
Maryse Duguay
Maryse Duguay Orthodontic hygienist
Sharon St-Coeur
Sharon St-CoeurOrthodontic hygienist
Fatima LeFrançois
Fatima LeFrançoisOrthodontic hygienist
Angela Nesbitt
Angela NesbittOrthodontic hygienist
Kathy McDonald
Kathy McDonaldOrthodontic Assistant
Carla Wormell
Carla WormellOrthodontic Assistant
Janette Matheson
Janette Matheson Orthodontic Assistant
Linda MacLeod
Linda MacLeodOrthodontic Assistant
Chelsea Hatt
Chelsea HattOrthodontic Assistant
Sylvie Nowlan
Sylvie Nowlan Dental Assistant / Treatment coordinator
Jocelyn Leger
Jocelyn LegerDental Assistant
Danika Allain
Danika Allain Dental Assistant / Sterilization Assistant
Mariella Rail
Mariella Rail Lab technician