My First Visit

At Dr. Martin Braces, we are always excited about meeting new patients. This first visit is of crucial importance, since it gives Dr. Martin and his team the opportunity to get to know you, and acquire a clear understanding of your orthodontic needs and goals. At Dr. Martin Braces, your concerns and desires are our highest priority!

Dr. Martin will evaluate you or your child and make an individualize treatment recommendation based on your specific needs. A thorough explanation of the problem and possible treatment options will be discussed with you.

During your first visit, we will address the following questions about your orthodontic needs:

  • Do you have an orthodontic problem?
  • Do you need treatment now, or should treatment be delayed to permit more dental development?
  • What is the best time to initiate orthodontic treatment?
  • What types of appliance are best suited to correct your dental problem?
  • How long will orthodontic treatment take?
  • How much will orthodontic treatment cost?
  • What financial arrangements are available?

Our treatment coordinator will meet with you and develop an affordable payment plan for treatment. She will also help you arrange your next appointment at a time that is convenient for you and/or your child.

If treatment is not required at that time, your child will stay under observation with us to monitor their dental development. These orthodontic re-evaluations will be done in intervals of six months to 18 months, depending on the stage of growth of your child, and are complimentary until your child is ready for treatment.

It is our hope that you leave your first visit with a clearer understanding of your orthodontic needs, treatment options and that all of your questions have been answered.