Elastic Wear

Unfortunately, regardless of the technology and precision of the braces, elastic wear is sometimes required to correct an overbite or underbite.

The braces are usually responsible for aligning your teeth, while the elastics attached to your braces tackle your bite.

At Dr. Martin Braces, we provide you with the most attractive smile possible, and we also understand the importance of a great functional bite.

The vast majority of our patients will need to wear elastics sometime during their orthodontic treatment. The worse the bite, the longer you’ll wear elastics – although they usually don’t come into play until you’ve gotten used to your braces for a few months.

Elastics are usually worn for 24 hours a day — except for eating, brushing and playing sports. The better you are about wearing your elastics, the faster you’ll see results. For the first few days of elastic wear, it is normal to experience some minor tooth and jaw discomfort. This discomfort should normally disappear after a few days if you keep wearing them. Wearing them only sporadically will not allow your teeth and jaws to get accustomed to the elastics, and the discomfort will persist for a longer period of time. If you experience significant jaw pain while wearing your elastics, stop wearing them and contact our office for an appointment.

At each appointment, we will always provide you with plenty of elastics. If you ever run out or get low in your supply, just drop by our office to get more. We usually ask that you change your elastics at least two or three times a day (generally after every meal) since they tend to lose their elasticity after you’ve worn them for a while.

It’s important to remember that poor compliance with elastic wear can mean keeping your braces on for longer than originally planned. Patients who are compliant with their elastic wear are usually rewarded with a great smile and bite six months sooner!